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Design Consulting

CSD Studio begins the design process by gathering information from customers, sales representatives and industry trends. This research is gathered independently or with a manufacturer, and compiled into a Product Design Brief.  This brief guides the development team throughout the design process providing an understanding of customer needs, market opportunities, and design criteria.
Ideation begins by exploring product applications and solutions design through quick sketches. These sketch ideas evolve into product concepts through computer models and development.  We balance aesthetics, function and manufacturing considerations to create product concepts that address the criteria outlined in the Design Brief. 
With a concept in place, CSD creates a presentation which communicates a clear understanding of the product solution proposed. We also include a preliminary Statement of Line based upon the application studies.
During the Design Development phase, concepts are further refined through 3-D modeling of all products, components, and details that comprise the product line. CSD continues to problem solve and work closely with their manufacturer partner ensuring the design solution meets the aesthetic, function and cost criteria established for the product.
CSD Studio provides prototype documents in either AutoCAD or SolidWorks as required by the manufacturer to build full size models of selected pieces using internal or external sources. Prototype models are reviewed and critiqued by both teams. CSD provides revised Design Documents illustrating any refinements or improvements to the product designs to successfully manufacture and achieve cost targets.

Upon acceptance of final prototypes by the design team and the manufacturer, CSD develops and issues final design models and documentation to the manufacturer. The manufacturer would be responsible for internal BOM documents
Interior design projects begin with a programming phase. The objective of this effort is to surface, at the beginning of the project, any factors that can influence our design recommendations. This phase consists of a series of discussions held with individuals whose decisions will impact the design for the project. The information gathered includes interior design criteria such as schedule, budget, physical space, workstyle objectives, culture, and strategies.
Preliminary Design:
Based upon programming data, CSD develops preliminary design alternatives. These alternatives are presented through furniture floor plans, elevations and details of interior elements, along with illustrations and color/material boards. At the completion of preliminary design, clients have a clear understanding of the look, feel and content of these alternative solutions. Budget (ball park) estimates accompany these alternatives.
Design Development:
Once a preliminary design direction is selected, the design is then further refined and developed. Design documents including all plans, elevations, details, and specifications required for construction are developed and provided for final estimating and/or bid purposes. At the completion of design development, the clients have a clear picture of both the design and cost.
Upon review of interior construction, furnishing and fixture costs, CSD would make any adjustments to the construction documents and/or furnishing specifications to meet design and budget requirements. With approvals in place, construction documents and furnishing orders are finalized and issued to the client or agent. CSD would be available to coordinate all aspects of the project for the client with dealerships, suppliers and contractors as required through this final phase.

Design Consulting can encompass a broad or narrow scope of services, and each project is tailored to the specific design and/or marketing goals defined by our clients. CSD provides design consulting in the areas of market research and analysis, product and brand strategy, brochure and planning guide, exhibit/booth spaces, and custom furniture solutions.
With a scope in mind, CSD develops a Project Proposal and/or Brief for a client’s review and acceptance. A project’s objectives, goals, and outcomes are outlined in the Project Brief or Proposal which serves to guide the work forward.  Design recommendations are presented in a form best suited to the project, and may include written reports, illustrated concepts, or other documentation to support a project’s outcome.
If there is an implementation phase to the project, CSD can coordinate with both internal and external resources to produce a project’s outcome.